Biography: Robert J. Fairbairn I am a technology professional with broad experience in information security, information technology, systems design, telecommunications, photography and more. My goal is to help those around me to make use of the Internet and computing tools to enhance business, improve communications, and enjoy life. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE President Bob Fairbairn Ltd. 2015 - 2021 Systems Engineering / Information Assurance Motorola Solutions Inc. 2011 - 2013 Propreitor / Lead Consultant Smarter Computing and Technology Services 2009 - Owner/ Photographer Bob Fairbairn Photography 2008 - Information Security Motorola 2000-2009 Information Technology Motorola 1998-2000 Engineering and Development Motorola 1991-1998 Software and Systems Engineering Various 1975-1998 Operations Specialist US Navy 1971-1975